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SPCA Purina Volunteer of the Year Awards

​Each year, we celebrate the efforts of thousands of Kiwis who volunteer their time, talent and energy to the SPCA with our SPCA Purina Volunteer of the Year Awards. The awards are our opportunity to honour those who go the extra mile to better the lives of animals, and without whom SPCA simply could not function.

SPCA Purina Volunteer of the Year Awards

2019 Volunteer of the Year Awards

On 17 June, we announced the winners of the 2019 SPCA Purina Volunteer of the Year Awards. This year, six award categories put a spotlight on the different ways volunteers contribute to SPCA. More than 120 nominations were received from SPCA staff and volunteers across the country. The nominations were narrowed down to a shortlist and judged by Andrea Midgen, CEO, SPCA and Jennifer Chappell, Country Manager, Purina.

Best Volunteer Team

Lauren and Chris Phillips

Chris and Lauren have been volunteers at our Nelson Centre for four years, Chris with the dogs, and Lauren with the cats. They turn up every Saturday with a smile on their faces, always willing to help.

Chris has even designed new areas around the centre, his input into our constructions has been invaluable.The couple are always thinking outside the box with fundraising, and fostering mother cats and kittens.

Fantastic Foster Family

Anna Crum

Retail Manager for SPCA Op Shop in Kamo and Whangarei Alison Fromont nominated Anna for the award. She said Anna has helped provide care for hundreds of kittens over the years while also volunteering at the SPCA Second Chance Store.

“Anna has dedicated herself to saving cats and kittens, literally saving the lives of hundreds of them. During the last kitten season, she fostered 114 kittens as well as some of the mother cats. She is such a compassionate person.”

Foster parents like Anna give their time, talent and energy year-round to nurturing animals and helping them get ready for adoption.

Going the Extra Mile Award

Ian Blacker

Ian regularly goes the extra mile for the Inspectorate Team in Christchurch and is always happy to have a crack at anything the centre needs doing.

Recently he helped a dog who had a serious illness called megaoesophagus, which meant he couldn't keep his food down and had to be fed sitting upright. Ian took it upon himself to create a custom made dog chair, he even sourced all the materials from scraps and took the time to paint it!

Best Op Shop Volunteer

Catherine Ashby

Catherine recognised the potential of SPCA's Dannevirke Op Shop, and breathed new life into the shop by taking up the managerial role at the shop.

Catherine has spent hundreds of hours cleaning up, re-organising and running the op shop on top of driving 100km per day to Dannevirke from Waipukurau. Her outstanding work and dedication is unparalleled.

Most Devoted Volunteer

Valerie Garner

Valerie has clocked up more than 2500 hours volunteering for SPCA. She has been part of the team since 2009 and assists with receipt and letter folding in SPCA's supporter care team.

She can fold and stuff 500 receipts in one day which is an incredible work rate. The department says they could not operate without her. Valerie has a keen eye for detail, is quick and also efficient, and much appreciated by everyone who works with her!

Outstanding Young Volunteer

Fraser Pettigrew

16-year-old Fraser has fostered over 40 animals in two years.

He started his journey at SPCA bottle feeding vulnerable kittens which is a big ask for adults, let alone a teenager! Being the outstanding volunteer he is, Fraser took it all in his stride, learning new skills and caring for very sick animals.

He even delivered a presentation about fostering to an SPCA holiday school programme, as well as representing SPCA fostering at the Westpac Home & Garden Show.

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