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Cat ward volunteer
Auckland (Mangere) Centre

Cat ward volunteer

We are looking for people to volunteer in Cat Ward during the week! Our Cat Ward is the first stop for cats when they arrive at our centre, and houses the cats in our hospital area. Volunteers in this area help to feed, socialise and groom our cats along with completing basic cleaning duties. They also help provide enrichment for the animals we are looking after (e.g. making toys). This area is not open to the public.

This is a busy area as cats are coming in and going out all day, so you need to have a reasonable level of fitness. The cat cages in the room are at a range of different heights so you also need to be able to bend comfortably.

We need volunteers who:

  • Are confident with handling cats.
  • Are friendly, hardworking and reliable.
  • Have excellent communication skills – both verbal and written.

You must be able to commit to a regular four-hour shift for a period of at least six months. Both morning and afternoon shifts are available on the following days:

  • Weekday option (Mon/Fri): Shift start times are 8.30am or 12pm

  • Weekend option (Sat/Sun): We have very limited weekend spots available.

If you have any questions, please phone us on 09 256 7304 or email auckland.volunteer@spca.nz.

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