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Coming soon: Our North Auckland Satellite Centre

SPCA in Auckland is facing a crisis. We are no longer able to protect and care for animals in need across the Auckland region from a single location in Mangere.

Coming soon: Our North Auckland Satellite Centre

Why do we need a second centre in Auckland?

We’re facing a crisis. We need to be able to save more animals and to do that we are building a second Centre in North Auckland.

With just one SPCA Centre servicing the whole of the Auckland area, managing the journey these animals must go through – from rescue to rehome – is critical. But, increasing population, traffic congestion and Auckland’s geographic spread is making it difficult for Aucklanders to access the Animal Village to adopt, to foster and to help. It’s making it difficult for our Inspectors to reach and respond to animals when they need help the most.

Fast facts

We are simply no longer able to carry out our work effectively across a region that extends over 7,980 sq kms from a single location in Mangere. We need to save more animals lives and be more accessible to those who can help us do that.

Our Inspectors need to be there when it counts for animals in need but right now they are losing precious time sitting in traffic and driving large distances back and forth to the animal centre in Mangere.

We desperately need to provide more temporary homes for sick animals who aren’t yet ready to be adopted. There are many caring Aucklanders who would love to provide a foster home for animals in need but they are not able to access our centre in Mangere.

We need to be accessible to families who are looking to adopt so we can find more loving homes but today, would-be pet owners who live outside the South Auckland region, are finding the Mangere facility too difficult to get to.

A preview of what our new centre will look like

What will the North Auckland Centre include?

The North Auckland Satellite Centre will be built in Hobsonville and deliver the following services:

  • An Inspectorate service
  • Fostering support services
  • Adoption services

How can you help?

We need to raise $1.5 million over the next 12 months.

The new SPCA centre will cost $4.5 million to complete. Thanks to the wonderful support of caring Aucklanders we now have $3 million with the balance $1.5 million needed over the next 12 months to complete this much needed centre. We desperately need the help of supporters, like you, to help us raise the rest of the funds.

With your help construction on the new centre could start as early as 2018.

Together we can give animals at risk – across the Auckland region – a second chance at life. We cannot do this alone. Will you join us?

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