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  • Genetic Technologies (Farmed)
    SPCA supports the use of genetic technologies to improve the welfare of animals.
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  • Goats
    ​SPCA opposes the intensification and indoor rearing or tethering of goats for meat or dairy production. SPCA supports farming systems which allow goats a choice of outdoor environments with sufficient shelter, shade, and browse.
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  • Handling of Farmed Animals
    ​SPCA advocates that all farmed animals be treated humanely throughout any handling procedures.
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  • Labelling of Food
    SPCA advocates for mandatory, consistent, and clear labelling on animal food products to enable consumers to make informed decisions when purchasing items; this should include standardised legal definitions of terms such as barn-raised, free range, outdoor, and organic.
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  • Llama, Alpaca and other Camelids
    SPCA advocates that camelids are kept in stable long-term groups throughout their lives and should never be housed individually.
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  • Painful Husbandry Practices
    SPCA advocates for farming practices which use selective breeding, provision of sufficient living space and appropriately enriched environments to avoid the need for painful husbandry procedures.
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  • Pigs
    ​SPCA supports farming practices that allow animals access to the outdoors, provided they are able to maintain comfort through unrestricted access to shade and shelter that protects them from the elements such as extreme temperatures, solar radiation, and inclement weather including rain, wind, hail, and snow. SPCA opposes the intensive rearing and/or tethering of pigs.
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  • Farmed Rabbits
    SPCA advocates that farmed rabbits must be kept in farming systems which allow the rabbits a choice of environments with sufficient shelter, shade and environmental enrichment which support their physical, health, and behavioural needs.
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  • Religious Slaughter
    SPCA respects religious freedom, however our organisation opposes religious exemptions that allow non-stun slaughter (such as shechita and non-commercial halal) because this method of killing is not humane.
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  • Saleyards
    SPCA advocates for the animals to travel directly from farm-to-farm or from farm-to-slaughterhouse, as opposed to the use of saleyards.
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