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Why does my cat run wild in the house at 5am?

My cat Henry goes crazy at 5am! He runs around the house and wakes me up. Why does he do this?

Cats are most active at dawn and dusk, and these high energy bursts are completely normal cat behaviour. I understanding it can be frustrating though if it’s disturbing your sleep! Have you recently changed your routine? Cats like routine so if you’ve changed your work hours from weekends to weekdays, Henry may just be expecting your attention.

One way you can stop the early morning wake-ups is by ensuring Henry is entertained and exercised during the day. Set aside some time to play with him, followed by a small meal ideally in the evening just before bed. This is a good way to help him rest throughout the entire night. Remember that like dogs, cats will repeat a behaviour if rewarded. So make sure you’re not responding to his 5am wake-up calls by giving him food or attention – this will only encourage Henry to keep waking you up at that time. Sometimes having him sleep in a separate room will minimise this rude awakening and avoid the inadvertent rewards of your attention.

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