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Sport and Recreational Hunting

Animals in Entertainment, Sport, and Work

SPCA opposes the shooting of animals solely for sport or recreation due to the negative impacts on the welfare of wild animals. SPCA does not believe that the harm and suffering caused to birds and other animals is ever justified as a pastime or for the entertainment of people

Selectively targeting and killing certain types of animals of a species, such as large males, can lead to behavioural changes in other individuals that negatively impact the reproductive success, resulting in negative impacts on populations of wild animals.

SPCA opposes the use of air weapons or bows in the shooting of animals due to the pain and distress that can be caused.

Killing animals with air weapons or bows increases the likelihood of pain and distress caused by these weapons when the resulting death is not immediate. Killing animals with a bow and arrow has a higher likelihood of injuring, rather than killing the animal, or resulting in a prolonged time to death compared to other methods of shooting such as the use of high-powered rifles.

SPCA opposes the use of lead ammunition in circumstances where the spent pellets might be ingested by, and consequently poison, other animals and contaminate the environment.

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