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SPCA supports farming systems that make continuous improvements to ensure the welfare of the farmed animals by meeting their physical, health, and behavioural needs.

SPCA advocates for providing farmed animals with choices between indoor and outdoor farming systems that meet the animals’ needs, providing for the behavioural freedom of the species, without compromising their health. Our organisation supports providing farming systems that allow for natural weaning where possible and the formation and maintenance of preferred partner bonds.

SPCA opposes farming systems that have significant detrimental impacts to the welfare of local wildlife or ecosystems.

SPCA is concerned about the negative impacts on local wildlife or ecosystems from pollution, leaching, and waste from farmed animal production systems. More needs to be done by Government and farming industries to eliminate, minimise, and mitigate the harmful impacts of farmed animal production systems on the environment. Our organisation supports initiatives and programmes aimed to achieving this, provided they do not result in animal welfare compromise.

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