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Equids used for Production (Horses, Donkeys, etc)

Farmed Animals

SPCA advocates that all equids should have daily access to outdoor pasture with sufficient shelter and shade.

SPCA opposes the permanent indoor housing of equids. Weather permitting, horses, donkeys and other equids should have daily access to pasture during the grass-growing season, including during any fattening period. At other times they must have access to outdoor yards. Shelter, shade and water must always be available, including suitable ground that is not wet and muddy. When horses and other equids are housed, they should have access to a comfortable bedded area which is large enough for them all to comfortably lie down simultaneously. Equids should never be tethered, unless it is for a brief period for the purpose of administration of medical treatment or for a veterinary examination or procedure, and they must not be left tethered and unsupervised at any stage.

SPCA advocates that equids are kept in stable long-term groups throughout their lives.

Horses and other equids are social animals who form long-term relationships. They should be kept in stable life-long groups wherever possible.

SPCA advocates that horses, donkeys or other equids must not be exported or transported long distances and journeys to slaughterhouses should be as short as possible, never exceeding 8 hours.

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