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We would love for you to meet your perfect match - that's why appointments are required for adoptions in all SPCA Centres.

If you are interested in adopting:

  1. Browse the adoption profiles below
  2. Apply for any animal you are interested in, using the 'Register to adopt' button in their profile
  3. The team will be in touch to ask further questions and arrange an adoption appointment
Read on for more information about our appointment-based adoption process.

We would love for you to meet your perfect match - that's why appointments are required for adoptions in all SPCA Centres.

Did you know: Over 42% of SPCA animals spend some time in foster care? This means many of our animals are not actually at our centres but in loving foster homes until they receive adoption inquiries. So the perfect animal for you might not actually be there to meet when you pop into the centre without an appointment. If you make an appointment we have time to bring suitable animals into the centre for you to meet.

Research shows that when animals are cared for in foster homes, it’s less stressful for them. As foster parents get to know the animal and their character, it is also very helpful in matching them to the most suitable family when they’re ready for adoption.

Life in an animal centre can be quite stressful for animals, with lots of new noises and smells. While looking at animals is fun for people, the animals often feel very differently about lots of foot traffic and crowded adoption areas. Our priority is to provide a calm and controlled environment where our animals are happy, healthy and stress-free, so they have the best chance of finding a new home.

Appointments also allow our animal attendants to spend more time with adopters to match them to an animal that suits their home and lifestyle. After reading through your application, our animal attendants will introduce you to a range of animals that might do well in your home, and work with you to find your perfect match.

If you’re interested in adopting an animal from SPCA, click on the ‘Adopt’ button to browse the animals and apply online. Alternatively, please contact your nearest Centre directly to make an appointment.

Thank you!

N.B. Kittens: Due to the volume of kittens for adoption during kitten season (from December), not all kittens are listed individually online. Centres who have kittens available will have an ad to indicate they do. You can apply to adopt a kitten via this ad and the team will invite you to a meet-and-greet at the centre if they find a good match.

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